Tony from The Voice

Tony from The Voice

‘Afternoon, The International Club’ ‘Oh hello, it’s Tony from Voice Magazine. How you doing?’ ‘Not bad, friend. How can I help you?’ ‘Listen, mate – we’re doing a spread on Half Man Half Biscuit and were wondering if we could send a couple of guys up to the gig on the 18th. Any chance of getting them on the list?’ ‘Yeah, no problem, chief. What’s the names?’ ‘Cheers, man – Tony… Tony Beresford, he’ll be one and we’ll probably need him to bring along a photographer if that’s ok’. ‘No sweat, pal’. ‘Great. Let’s see, mate…might send Jude up… that’s Jude Martin, mate. Top lensman’. ‘Sound, lad – no problem. Who did you say you were again?’ ‘The Voice, Voice magazine – based in London… the alternative alternative. We broke The Mighty Lemon Drops last year. We’ll pop a couple of issues behind reception when we pick up the tickets’. ‘OK, no worries, my mate – any time’. ‘Any chance of doing The Ramones on 25th?’

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