Bread of Heaven

Bread of Heaven

‘Under pressure… raining down on me… people on the street… de da do da’ – so sang Bowie on Albany Road in Chorlton-cum-Hardy. And then on a hot summer day, it all kicked off. TKFC that legendary football club that just couldn’t help losing had thrown The Great Summertime Emotional Party a week before. A night of rapture, students falling in love, falling through hedges wearing gladioli in their back pockets, glugging Janice and Macca’s home brew. Extraordinary joy on the streets of Chorlton – a suburb where The Bee Gees had been raised, the incomparable Georgie Best had digs and Curly of Coronation Street played guitar at the local Irish Club. Yet nothing had prepared the citizens of Chorton for this. Mad Dog Ovie was first out of the blocks – there is a revolution – it is Russia all over again, it’s 1917 – they are feeding the people. The kids are on the street. ‘Where?’ DOWN BY SAFEWAYS. AN OVERTLY CAPITALIST AMERICAN FIRM, SAFEWAY HAD OPENED A NEW STORE NEAR 25 ALBANY ROAD. THERE WERE BAGELS, ICE BUNS, BROWN AND WHITE SLICE ALMOND BAPS, EVERY KIND OF BREAD KNOWN TO MAN WAS BEING CONSUMED BY THE HUNGRY BURGHERS OF SOUTH MANCHESTER. Overend quoted ex Manc resident Engels, passages from Marx, sonnets by Shelley – but in a flash, all the bread had gone and we were back in Thatchers England.

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