Like a Jungle

Like a Jungle

Sometime around 1982, MPSU HQ moved across All Saints Park from the cheerfully ramshackle Cavendish House to the functional red-brick Mandela Building, tucked in next to The Mancunian Way flyover. In my first year, apart from the odd trip to the cinema, I’d been too terrified to go out after dark. I remember Barabas telling me about the carnage after a ten pence a pint ‘Skol Night’ during Freshers Week. By my second year I was getting more adventurous and was for a while a bit of a regular at the infamous Friday Night Bop. Three tunes remind me of those uncertain but exhilarating times as I gently dipped my toes into this mysterious and alien world populated by exotic people who truly might as well have stepped off another planet. A lot of the music was over my head – Killling Joke, Southern Death Cult or Spear of Destiny – but one I recognised was ‘Rock the Casbah’ by The Clash. I had never heard of Nina Simone’s ‘My Baby Just Cares for Me’ but grew to love it. Best of all though has to be ‘The Message’ by Grand Master Flash and The Furious Five’. Even now the opening notes take me right back to those jungle-like Friday nights, the pulsing throb of that awesome groove makes me recall my fledgling steps into the tribalistic world of the night. A few years later when I was a fully-formed nocturnal animal, picking up empty glasses in Saturdays, I saw Mr Flash on my pot-collecting round. He was swathed in leather, fur and over-size dark glasses with what looked like a stuffed racoon dangling from his neck.

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